Zoom in …and join us!

Who says us ‘more mature’ folks can’t get up to date?

The virus pandemic can have very little good to this world but it certainly pushed a whole bunch of us well into the 21st century if we wanted to keep in touch with each other!

RCEMI, just like most other clubs could not get together and have meetings in a regular way for a long time. This prompted a volcanic explosion in the online video conferencing program Zoom all over the world – including us at RC East Mallorca International. We had to get up to date – fast, or lose contact which would be the death knell of a new club.

Largely thanks to our resident techie and general nerd, Hendrik, ably assisted by his fervent friend Geoff the club got a free Zoom account. Initially, we had only Zoom online as club meetings and gatherings of any kind were not allowed. But later, mainly due to the increasing popularity of Zoom amongst us all, when club meetings came back again we still had quite a few members abroad unable to return to Mallorca. They had been party to the strictly online Zoom meetings and we didn’t want to lose anyone!

So, we got a full Zoom account enabling longer meetings and the conferencing gear to put on the table where the actual meeting is being held.

It worked. Suffice to say, we’re still very much at the learning stage, especially with regards to sound [is it Zoom or do we need a little auricle aid anyway?] but we’re getting there!

Visitors are welcome!

You really don’t have to be a member or even a Rotarian. You can be in any part of the world and we’d be glad to welcome you to our Zoom meetings.

If you want to go on the list just send your name to our secretary: secretary@rcemi.es

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