Hi from Queensland Australia.

Suddenly, out of the blue, comes a contact from ‘down-under’. Brian Reith of the Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific, Queensland, Australia tells us his club has a weekly Internation Club Toast. Since Rafa Nadal’s amazing success in the Australian Tennis Open, Brian’s club thought it appropriate to have their toast to a Mallorcan club. They chose ours, RCEMI. We are honoured, thank Brian and all your members.

Our S@A, Geoff Moore received the original communication so it was appropriate he should respond, which he did with an email. The contents of both Brian’s and Geoff’s communications are below. This serves to highlight the vast global contact of Rotary International and pleasure in common purpose and fellowship. It is worth mentioning here that Rafa Nadal’s grandfather was a Rotarian here on the island. Perhaps when his grandson slows down a little from rushing around the world smashing records and winning strokes over the net, we can get him to join ours. Who knows?

The Weekly International Toast – Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific, Queensland, Australia. FIRST CONTACT - Brian Reith 
<breith@bigpond.net.au> Tue, 1 Feb, 09:09 (8 days ago)
Hi from Queensland Australia.
Every week our Rotary Club acknowledges an International Club with a Toast. The Australian Tennis Open has just finished 
and a native of Mallorca Rafa Nadal was the victor, hence the reason for selecting your club. It would be nice if you could 
supply me with a few details of your club so that I may inform our members and visitors of your clubs existence and the 
type of things that you are supporting. 

Your membership numbers, your president’s name, and the date that your club was chartered would also be very helpful. 
Unfortunately the toast that I am proposing will be made on Thursday 3 February 2022 at 6.0pm, which is about 9am your 
time, if you can get back to me by then it would be greatly appreciated. I apologise for the late notice but I was 
only requested to perform this toast about an hour ago.
Regards Brian Reith Treasurer
Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific, Queensland Australia breith@bigpond.net.au

Dear Brian,
Our club was only chartered in March 2021. Our Charter will be presented to our club at a gala dinner dance on 
April 30th 2022, delayed by the Covid pandemic. We are part of District 2203, which is a large District comprising 
about a third of Spain. We are located on one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

We have 22 members from six nationalities - British, Spanish, Swiss, Danish, Norwegian and German. Our Founding 
President is Reinhart Menzel, who is German, but he has lived here for fifty years. He speaks German, Danish, Spanish, 
Mallorquin and English. I am a Yorkshire man, and we moved here when I retired fifteen years ago. I have been a Rotarian 
for 39 years now.

Our Sponsor Club is the Rotary Club of Calvia International, here on the island where I was Past President and a member 
for thirteen years. Calvia was the first English speaking club in Spain. Then our District Governor asked me to start a 
new club in the North East of the island where we live in Son Servera.

As you can see from our header, our territory will eventually cover five Municipalities, but right now we don´t have any 
members from the nearby city of Manacor. Manacor is a twenty-minute drive away, and is the hometown of Rafa Nadal. Everyone
in Mallorca loves Rafa. He is a lovely guy and a great philanthropist. He has his own Foundation and Tennis Academy and 
Museum in Manacor, and he lives about ten minutes from here in Porto Cristo. We are going to try to attract Rafa into 
membership one day. He plays golf at the local course, which is where we normally hold our weekly meetings. 
Rafa´s grandfather (now deceased), was a Rotarian, and he was a Founder Member of the now-defunct Rotary Club Llevant. 
This club used to meet in Manacor until about three years ago.

We are honoured to be the club which you will be toasting later this week, and we hope that this will be the beginning of 
a friendship between our clubs.

Geoff Moore, S@A RCEMI

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