A visit by the Assistant District Governor

A visit by the Assistant District Governor

Antonio Vasquez, Assistant District Governor, visited the potential members and visitors to the proposed new Rotary Club on the island of Mallorca, Rotary Club East Mallorca International, on 24 August. He was introduced by Geoff Moore and warmly welcomed by everyone present.

Antonio explained his role as Assistant District Governor to those present.

Essentially he was the channel of communication from the Clubs to the District Governor. Currently the focus of all 12 Clubs in the Baleares – 8 in Palma, 1 in Calvía (East Mallorca’s sponsor club), 2 on Menorca and 1 on Ibiza, 350 members – was on providing practical help to the neediest. Providing food and shelter. A Rotary sponsored project in Marratxi, in collaboration with the Town Hall, to refurbish 15 houses to rent, was underway and individual Clubs were providing funds and material for foodbanks.

In addition, as always there was a focus on youth, but in these times it is to ensure the have food to eat attend school and have the basic essentials to develop. Given all the evidence of climate change and the damage man is doing, there is a need to look at projects which aim to improve the environment of the society in which we live.

Antonio went on to talk about the Foundation and impressed the audience with the work it does and the leverage it provides for funding projects which are sponsored by two or more Clubs in different countries.

Those present were enthusiastic in wanting to get the Club up to the necessary 20 Founder members as soon as possible in order to get on and do things. Already there is a list of things that might be done/organised with the local Town Halls (and the Club will cover 5 of those) and meetings with the Mayors are being arranged. Antonio said that the District Governor would be pleased to hear about the enthusiasm of the new Club and would try and visit during his forthcoming tour of all 12 Clubs in the Baleares.

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