A new, modern Rotary Club for the 21st Century – English Speaking

The Rotary Club East Mallorca International is moving closer to being chartered, hopefully, during 2020.

Rotary has a common public image as a club for wealthy, older men in suits, who meet for expensive lunches or dinners. Well, the new Rotary Club currently being formed will not be like this at  all. We expect that there will be roughly equal numbers of men and women of all ages. The dress code corresponds to a life on a warm, sunny island in the Mediterranean. So shorts, open necked shirts and sandals are the norm. Certainly, no suits and ties are expected.

The club meetings will all be held in English, the most widely spoken language in Europe. This reflects the fact that our membership will be multinational. So far, we have committed members from five different nationalities:- British, German, Danish, Spanish and Italian. Being located in a region where the main industry is tourism, we will have many visitors from other Rotary Clubs around around the World.

Meetings will be held every week, and the first part of every meeting will be discussion of the business of the club while enjoying a drink, e.g. how to increase membership, which charities will we support, social events and developing a programme of fundraising events. The business over, those who want to have something to eat can do so, with a menu comprising, sandwiches, tapas and a menu del dia, or a la carte.

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