How you can help...

These are not the best of times and there are many people on the island who need help. Their difficult circumstances are frequently not of their own making.

In order to make things better for them we need your help too, not only as a member, but just as an occasional volunteer too! If you could spare a couple of hours every now and again, it would make a tremendous difference and we'd be very grateful.   Thank you.

Donations & Payments

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We are delighted to hear from visitors and even happier if they come along to one of our meetings held every Wednesday at 13.30h at the Son Servera Golf Club.

How you can help

support others less fortunate than ourselves

Event Assistance

Putting on a charity event can be a lot of work and we’re always grateful for an extra pair of hands.

Membership is NOT required

You don’t have to join the club. It’s helpers we need. Can you spare a couple of hours to help others?

Support Local Causes

Rotary International has 30+k clubs globally. We are a small, nacent club and our focus is local.