Jazz Concert, Iglesia Nueva, 22nd August 2022

Organising Principles:

Brigette Dengler, Matthias Renk [RCEMI] Fa Fang Dong [Ajuntamente], Lucas Schmid [musician]

Provided by the town hall:

  • Chairs, max. 400, stapled next the entrance
  • Lightning and floodlight available, we will be shown the handling.
  • Piano will be transported form music school, on the same day in the morning, tuning not necessary. No fees.
  • Cleaning and tidy by the crew of the town hall.
  • Selling drinks is allowed, but priest must be informed. Alcohol not permitted.
  • During the concert there will be no workforce from the town hall
  • Sound: (microphone, amplifier, loudspeakers) are not provided by town hall. Fa Fang recommends a sound technician from Capdepera Costs about 250€. He has to be informed as soon as possible. at the latest 2 weeks before the event. Contact name Miquel , Fon. 676670456


  • Town hall will help. If we have posters, they will distribute them in Son Servera, Cala
  • Bona and Cala Millor. They need the posters 4 weeks before the concert.
  • They can publish the event at an own TV Channel, and in a local newspaper. They also need the information 4 weeks beforehand.


  • On the morning of 22nd the musician can start rehearsal and sound check.
  • Concert end time is unlimited.

Car/ transport:

  • We can declare up to three cars/registration plates, which are access to central Son Servera. There is a video control. For unregistered cars there is a fee of 90€ each.

Town hall contact:

Fa Fang Dong, Mobile: 680 909 409, Email: fafang.dong@sonservera.es


Posted on

June 23, 2022


  1. Peter de Pradines

    I am told [for the first time] that there is more than one musician at this concert. If this is so, please add the details here so that they may be added to the public tickets and advertising. Thank you.

  2. Matthias Renk

    The date of the concert is the 22nd of August.
    There will play a duo: THE ART OF DUO. Trombonist‘s name is Lucas Schmid.
    The beginning will be at 9.00p.m.

    • Admin Webmaster

      Thank you Mattias – please check the update done at this time.


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