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We like to hear from visitors and are even happier if they come along to meetings, held every Wednesday at 19.30h at Casa Pep Nebot, 14, Plaza St. Joan. Son Servera. You don’t need to be a Rotarian. Part-time volunteers are very welcome.

Just send us an email, to either the secretary or club host [see below], or use our quick-n-easy contact form here on the right.
We look forward to getting in touch.

Email: Club Secretary


Casa Pep Nebot, Plaza St. Joan 14, Son Servera.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I help without joining Rotary?

Yes, you certainly can.

Of course, if you did join us as a club member we would be very pleased. But it is certainly not obligatory. If you can just come along to our events and help out with things now and again – even if only for an hour or two – we should be most grateful.

And so would those people we’re trying to help! Thank you.

What charities and good causes do you support?

Our motto for the year 2022-23 is ‘Helping those less fortunate than ourselves’. We are a small club at the moment and we focus strongly on local assistance and help to those in need. As we grow, we will expand our remit.

I am just a visitor, can I come to events and meetings?

Sure you can, you will be very welcome. Mallorca has several millions of visitors every year and we are pleased to welcome quite a few to our events and meetings. Come along and say hello!

Do you have associate membership?

Yes, we have several associate members who attend whenever they can. Associate membership only requires you are a Rotarian in good standing as a member of another club. Please contact the secretary for details.

I cannot afford to join the club, can I still help?

You certainly can and we’d be most grateful for any help you can give. Frequently more important than money and donations is the willingness to give a little time and effort to helping other.

What are the club's nationalities and languages?

Being a designated International club we are a very cosmopolitan group. We have Spanish, English, German, Swiss, Danish members to name but a few. At club events and meetings the lenqua franca is English.

I am a Rotarian from another club - can I come and visit?

We welcome many Rotarians visiting the island and would be delighted to meet you. Don’t forget to bring your club banner with you if you have one and we will ensure you go home with one of ours. We also give -make-up-attendance certifications if you need one.

Can I bring my family to events and meetings?

If appropriate all your family will be welcome to come to our events. For meetings we prefer just you and your spouse or partner as young children can get uninterested very quickly by grown-ups chuntering 😉