Lost password – can’t remember – cannot login?

Not unusual, it happens to us all every now and again. Here’s the RCEMI solution.

Note: At the bottom of this page is a gallery of screen clips illustrating each step. After reading these instructions, you can get a visual example of the process from the gallery. Click on any of the gallery images to see a full sized version.

    1. On the RCEMI website login panel, you will see at the bottom, a small link saying Lost your password?
    2. Clicking this link, takes you to a new form which asks for only your user name or your email address. Enter it and click the get new password link.
    3. The form changes to a message saying a confirmation link has been sent to your email.
    4. Go to your email and find the message – be sure to check your Spam folder if you cannot find it. The email message contains just one link which you should now click to reset your password.
    5. This takes you are back to a modified login screen asking for a new password of your choice. For the security of us all, pick a good one – minimum 10 characters, upper and lower case letters plus number(s) and punctuation. Finally click the Save Password button and then login with your new password.


Pictures of the password reset process – 5 steps