If you’ve never done it, you may not realise just how much work goes into setting up our weekly meetings.

  • The organisers invariably have to turn up at the venue well ahead of meeting time.
  • The chairs and tables have to be set out for the numbers expected.
  • If there are predicted Zoom attendees, the communications have to be set up.
  • Any guest speakers have to be welcomed and ensure they find our meeting area.
  • And these are just for starters…

Something that helps a lot is knowing who will attend and how.

It was this in mind that the Intended Attendance form was produced. This simple multi-click online form takes just seconds to complete. It’s purpose is to give you a quick and simple method of telling meeting organisers if you will attend, join on zoom or are not able to come to the meeting. Nothing more, nothing less.

  1. Each month in your email you will receive a link which when you click it takes you to the RCEMI website.
  2. Go there and login [top menu on the far right-hand side].
  3. On the members dashboard page there is a large orange Attendance button – click it.
  4. You are taken to the form – enter name and email then click the appropriate boxes for the next couple of months.
  5. Finally, click Send your responses button – and that’s it – job done.

Why every month?

Each form covers two months ahead but sometimes you cannot be so sure of your plans so far ahead; they may change. Being able to quickly update your intentions monthly makes things a lot easier for you.

No commitment

Please note, you are advising of your intentions, there is no commitment. Sometimes things change at the last minute. We understand that. If that should happen, then it would be nice if you could just drop a quick email directly to the club secretary [secretary@rcemi.es] saying there has been a last minute change and these are now your intentions.

Thank you