Good things worth waiting for!

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UPDATE: Charter Event now set for: Saturday April 30th (evening) – RCEMI Charter Presentation Dinner. 

So, where are things in relation to the setting up (Chartering) of Mallorca East International Rotary Club? Well, after a visit to the embryo Club today (26 August), ‘nearly there’ is the answer.

First of all, there were the usual mix of people at the meeting – embryo members, established Rotarians and visitors. And all welcomed both to the meeting and for making contributions to the discussions. So, what did we all learn?

Well, first of all, subject to a final ‘tally’ it looks like there are 20 individuals interested in becoming ‘Charter’ members. Subject to them all completing the necessary form, being approved and paying their joining fee, work can then proceed to Charter the Club through District with Rotary International. But, as we know, nothing much happens in Europe in August and COVID is likely to slow things down simply because most of Rotary International staff are working from home. So still a little way off breaking open the celebratory bottle of Cava.

But that is not stopping the embryonic Club from making plans. They’re in touch with the Town Halls about how they might assist them I helping those in need in these difficult times. Apparently, because so many Town Hall funded events were cancelled there is money in the pot to do something. So a ‘hands-on Rotary’ project beckons. A money-raising, entertainment event is planned, probably based at Son Servera Golf Club, as well as a social evening – a visit to a Gallery in Son Servera followed by drinks and tapas in the town.

Though the Club is not yet formed there is still a lot of activity going on. They’ve even got, subject to nominations and votes, their President, Treasurer, Secretary and Sargeant at Arms identified. A formidable team.

Well done all. Great to see you all today. And looking to that glass of Cava soon.

Mike Knight  27-Aug-2020