Slowly we’re coming together

by | Jun 6, 2021 | General, Latest | 0 comments

The restrictions from the virus don’t make it easy but, slowly our new club is taking shape.

When we can’t all meet in a group at the clubhouse we’ve been using Zoom. Thanks to Hendrik this we found this surprisingly good and Hendrik helped make it easy.  A little practice also made it simple for others not actually on the island to join in from Switzerland, UK, Germany and several other countries. That really makes the word ‘international’ in our name valid!

Later, when restrictions were slackened a little, we were allowed to meet at the clubhouse in small groups. We decided on hybrid meetings where we would incorporate what we had learned about Zoom into a meeting where small groups also attended in person. It worked. Initially, the were ‘hiccups’, of course, and no doubt we need a lot more practice bit bit-by-bit, we’re getting there.

Our club caps and T-shirts have arrived and although we don’t wear them to all our weekly meetings [they are principally for events],  we chose to put on a display last week with some of the founder members who were able to attend and also a Rotarian guest, Dr Josep Torres Olivella from RC Cerdanyola des Valles, Barcelona.