RCEMI calling…

by | Jun 6, 2021 | General, Latest | 0 comments

We have some new calling cards!

To help get us known and when we meet you so you don’t forget us, we’ve had a bunch of cards printed. As you will see, on the front is our logo and on the reverse [see below] are details of how to contact us, meeting time and a small box for messages. Those with an eye for detail will have already spotted that the place Son Servera is short of an ‘R’ in the spelling. My apologies to Son Servera, it will be corrected in the next batch of printing.

Fortunately, we only had a small number done initially as we were not sur

e if they would be effective or not. They have proven to be a great success so you’ll hopefully see many more around in the future.

If you need a few to pass around your friends, please contact our secretary at: secretary@rcemi.es