Another meeting and even more prospective members!

by | Nov 12, 2020 | General | 0 comments

A few weeks since I was able to visit the embryo Rotary Club Mallorca East International, the new English-speaking Club covering 5 municipalities in the North East of the Island and sponsored by Rotary Club Calvia International the other English-speaking Club on the Island. Interesting to learn that another English speaking Club, based in Palma is on the way to being formed.

Meeting in person, with due regard to social distancing, there were a number of potential founder members – what was interesting was the fact that people came, made a contribution and went and some came late and joined in the discussion. At this meeting, it was essentially about the structure of the new Club and the Regulations and the Bye-Laws which will have to be adopted in order to obtain the Charter and be recognised by the Authorities, including Hacienda. Also, Geoff explained the need for nominations for the various positions which need to be filled, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer along with two Committee Chairs. Geoff will be writing to everyone next week with the detail.

Interestingly, the Son Severa Golf Club, the venue of the new Club’s meetings were watering the practice putting green and 18th green during the meeting. Just like Geoff Moore, they were actively promoting growth!

Other topics discussed were the Rotary Youth Orchestra – no news, probably in abeyance during the crisis and more serious issues on which Clubs need raise and spend money.

A suggestion was made for an event at which some serious musicians could entertain members (at a cost) in order that this group of people who are not being assisted by any agency, might benefit. This was noted – it would be necessary to discuss with the Golf Club and consider what the logistics might be.

Arrangements have been made to provide 10 needy children in Son Severa with a Christmas present in December by Papa Noel (a Club Member) and a shop for good second-hand clothes is to be opened soon. This led to discussion/thoughts about how to extend the new Clubs activities to all 5 municipalities. Great to hear the voices of all prospective members.

Everyone welcomed Anke and Bernd visitors at the meeting, but they went away armed with information about the Club and a membership application form.

Well done Geoff, New Club Adviser, it looks like all your efforts will come to fruition early in the New Year.