Hello from Lone

by | Apr 3, 2020 | General | 0 comments

My name is Lone, I’m Danish, but haven’t lived in Denmark for the last 19 years.  Due to my husbands work, we have lived in several different countries over the years, leaving a little piece of our heart behind in every place.

Of course, I’ve heard of Rotary. I think most people have. But what is Rotary? Well, I didn’t know, but thanks to my dear friend Geoff, I was invited to a meeting at the new Rotary Club, East Mallorca International. Having travelled around the world, I have seen with my own eyes that there are needs everywhere and I have always wanted to help but never knew how to make a difference, but now I know.

I don’t have any professional skills to contribute, a business, special knowledge or important contacts, but I realized that with Rotary, the main thing required is a desire to help other people in need, which you can do with a few hours of your time. I couldn’t agree more with the Rotary motto, “Service above Self.”, I think this motto is very important, especially in our world today.

I look forward very much to being one of the founder members of the Rotary Club East Mallorca International. Why don’t you drop by and join us one Wednesday lunchtime? We’d love to welcome you to our new group.