Our Sponsor Club

by | Feb 27, 2020 | General | 0 comments

Rotary Club East Mallorca International is proud to have RC Calvía International as its Sponsor Club. All new Rotary clubs are sponsored and supported by members of an existing Rotary Club.

RC Calvía International has been around on the island for quite a while. It had its 25th anniversary in October 2018. RC Calvía International, received a certificate from the British Embassy in Madrid “In recognition of your outstanding contribution to the local community in Spain.” It had taken quite some time! Neither Madrid nor Chicago made it easy to charter the first English speaking Club in Spain. But with the invaluable support of Rotarian Antonio Ques, it eventually happened, October 1993.

They started as an elegant group of gentlemen, and it was only in 1999 the Club had its first “lady member”, Sue Worthington. Sue took the Club to new heights as President in 2001, and is now intending to be one of the Charter Members of the new Rotary Club East Mallorca International. The Club has developed and matured through the years, and is now, for Rotary Year 2020-2021 under the leadership of President Gerdi Edstadtler-Pietsch. Gerdi has pledged to give our new club her full support.

It is now a truly international Club with members of nine different nationalities and it’s become an established part of the social structure of the municipality of Calvia. Over the years, RC Calvía International has organised an enormous variety of social events, raising large amounts of funds which were donated to the various local Charities, dedicated to supporting the young, the elderly, and the less fortunate of our society, not to mention the “hands on” work done by members.

If Rotary is about Fellowship and Charity, that’s the Rotary Club of Calvia.