Rotary Club East Mallorca International

Jazz Concert, Iglesia Nueva

RCEMI are sponsoring a charity jazz night at the new church in Son servera. Principle musician is Erwin Schmidt and tickets will be ten euros each. Concert starts at 20h. Watch this space for details

Do these ideas seem good to you?

Helping those less fortunate than ourselves

Giving time and service to those in need

Serving our local island community

Think you could help a little?

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We could use all the assistance we can get. We are few and the demand for help is high in these difficult times.

The island’s natural beauty and the tourist glitz shades the struggling and often unfairly less fortunate. Can you give a little time to those who need it so much?  Even a little often can mean so much. Thank you.

Just an hour or two a week can make a tremendous difference.