2022 Almond Blossom Fair

The idea that our focus at the Almond Blossom Fair should be about raising awareness about the fact that about a million almond trees had perished from disease in Mallorca, came from Pere Tomeu, Pastor of the Franciscana Convent of San Antoni de Pàdua in Artà.

He visited one of our weekly club meetings last year, and he highlighted the problem. A lively conversation then followed about how we could help?
Our Club Secretary, Lone Kjaer developed an action plan which was extremely successful and was widely reported in the media.
Sixteen almond trees were won in a lucky dip, and we gave away 160 bags of almond seeds with instructions on how to germinate them.
People were very generous with donations and these will be invested in helping local charities.
Thanks to everyone for supporting our efforts.
byline: Geoff Moore RCEMI S@A.

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